Safety &  Hygiene

All by Jump Factory produced Inflatable Parks are designed and produced to entertain both kids and adults. Safety for the users is our number one priority. It is important to follow up the rules to avoid unsafe situations. In order to keep your park safe and make your visitors have a nice experience it is important that all the activities are supervised by your well trained operators.


All by Jump Factory produced Inflatable Parks will be tested and inspected by an independant safety body. They will inspect the used materials according to the European standard EN14960 that was made for inflatable play equipment. After they have inspected and approved the park you will receive your certificate. This certification is important to show that your Park meets the standards.

Safety Inflatable Theme Park


Hygiene is very important at indoor playgrounds, trampolineparks and Inflatable Parks. To make sure that your users play in a healthy and safe environment it is important to keep your park neat and clean. One important aspect we always recommend is to let your users wear grip socks (jump socks) at all times. Because the users receive clean socks at the entrance you make sure it is fresh and hygienic for everybody. The jump socks also give the user some extra grip while jumping around.


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