Inflatable Theme Park – manufactured by Jump Factory

An Inflatable Theme Park is a big bounce that is built up from connected bouncers. They are all inflated separately and connected together with velcro flaps. In this way you can create a big park that is safe to use for both children and adults.

Jump Factory is a leading expert in the world of inflatable play equipment. Quality, safety and service are our core values. Thanks to our many years of experience, we produce challenging attractions. Whether it is a supplement to your trampoline park or Family Entertainment Centre; a customized Indoor Inflatable Park is an added value for your location!

When you start your own Inflatable Park it is important that it is designed and produced in a professional way. Our experts pay attention to al small details during design and production. We pay so much attention to detail to make your Park as durable as possible. Consider, for example, reinforcements at certain vulnerable points, wall heights, nets, connections between different parts and replaceable sheets to prevent wear and tear. Precisely these details and experience make Jump Factory the ideal supplier for your Inflatable Park.

Inflatable Theme Parks - by Jump Factory


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