Inflatable Park Farm theme

Jump Factory has been contacted by Megapret in Lievelde (Netherlands) to produce this beautiful Inflatable Park Farm. This Airpark consists of five different parts that are inflated and put together. In totall it covers a surface of approximately 340 m2. The park has been installed in a brand new barn that has been specially replaced for this purpose.

The assignment was to create an Inflatable Park that has attractive components for young and old. For example, various game components have been realized that can be used in competition form by different teams. For the real daredevils there is a rotating Sweeper arm were people need to jump over.

Because Megapret is located on the location of an old farm in the countryside, a farm theme has been chosen here. During the design process, this was taken into account both in terms of appearance and the chosen game elements. For example, a ball pit has been created in the style of a chicken coop. Here the participants have to find the single red ball between the thousands of yellow balls. The Mega Balls is also designed as hay bales. You climb onto the hay bales and jump from stack of hay to the next one. The climbing wall is created as two trees with the intention to pick apples from the top.

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Inflatable Park design farm







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